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About the city of Berlin: Your comprehensive guide

Welcome to a city that's a living history book, where modern skyscrapers stand next to ancient walls. Dive into a vibrant arts scene, explore diverse neighborhoods, and don't miss the chance to see that iconic gate that once divided East and West. From edgy street art to grand museums, the culture here is as varied as its architecture. As you wander, don't forget to try —especially Currywurst and Berliner doughnuts. Your taste buds will thank you!

Gastronomy: Delicious Discoveries

Berlin's culinary landscape is a thrilling mix of tradition and modernity, with something for every palate. Start your gastronomic journey with Currywurst, a Berliner staple consisting of steamed, then fried pork sausage seasoned with curry ketchup, typically accompanied by fries. Visit Konnopke’s Imbiß to experience this dish with its time-honored taste.

Continue your journey with Döner Kebab, which Berliners have embraced as a favorite fast-food item. Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap is a renowned spot to sample this delicious blend of roasted meat, fresh vegetables, and creamy sauces wrapped in a soft piece of bread.

Explore the savory flavors of Eisbein, a hearty dish featuring a salted and pickled ham hock, usually boiled. Savor it with peas puree and sauerkraut, the renowned fermented cabbage, at locales like Zur letzten Instanz, Berlin's oldest restaurant.

Next, savor the Berliner Pfannkuchen, a traditional German pastry similar to a doughnut, but without the hole, filled with sweet jam and dusted with powdered sugar, a delightful treat available at bakeries like Bäckerei Siebert.

Delve into the taste of Boulette, Berlin’s version of a meatball, usually enjoyed with mustard. Sample this at places like Konnopke’s Imbiß, where they offer a delightful experience in taste.

Sip on Berliner Weisse, a regional sour wheat beer usually enjoyed mixed with raspberry or woodruff syrup for added flavor. Head to Prater Garten to try this unique and refreshing beverage in Berlin's oldest beer garden.

Discover Berlin's coffee culture at Bonanza Coffee Roasters, one of the pioneers of the third wave coffee movement in the city, offering meticulously brewed, high-quality coffees.

For a sweet ending, try a piece of the iconic Black Forest Cake at Café Einstein Stammhaus, a classic concoction of chocolate, cherries, cream, and a dash of cherry schnapps, making it a must-try dessert in Berlin.

In each spot of the audio guide, we'll provide you with information on the nearest recommended restaurants and eateries, based on Google user's opinions, ensuring you experience the best culinary delights Berlin has to offer.

Transportation and getting around the city

If you’re landing at Tegel or Schönefeld, you can easily grab a bus or a train to the city center. Tegel’s TXL Express Bus will drop you at Hauptbahnhof, and from Schönefeld, the Airport Express trains are super convenient. They run every 30 minutes, and you’ll find yourself at the city center in no time.

Once you’re in the city, Berlin’s public transport is pretty on point. You can get around using the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses, and trams. Grab yourself a Berlin WelcomeCard. It offers unlimited rides on public transport and gives you some cool discounts at various attractions. You can get it online or at any Berlin Tourist Info spot.

Berlin is massive but some areas are really walker-friendly. Mitte is the heart of the city, and it’s easy to explore on foot. Here, you’ll find a lot of museums, galleries, and historic sites. Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain are also super walkable, with lots of cafes and shops.

Now, if you’re feeling fancy and prefer to hop on and off at various sites, the tour buses are a good option. You’ll find the double-decker buses around the main tourist spots, and you can buy tickets directly from the driver or online. Look for the CitySightseeing or the Big Bus tours.

Taxis are everywhere, but they can be a bit pricey. If you are looking for a quick and easy ride, you can use the Free Now app to book a taxi or a ride-sharing option, kinda like Uber, but Uber is not really a thing in Berlin.

Renting a bike is another cool way to see the city. Berlin is pretty bike-friendly, and you can rent one from a place like Fat Tire Tours or any of the other rental shops scattered around the city.

Just remember, whichever way you decide to explore Berlin, the city is full of fascinating sights and sounds, so enjoy every moment!

Key spots included in our audio guide and grouped for your 1, 3, 5-day trip or more:
1d : Reichstag Building . Brandenburg Gate . East Side Gallery . Pergamonmuseum .

3d : Reichstag Building . Brandenburg Gate . East Side Gallery . Pergamonmuseum . Checkpoint Charlie . Museum Island . Großer Tiergarten . Jewish Museum Berlin . Friedrichstraße .

5d : Reichstag Building . Brandenburg Gate . Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe . East Side Gallery . Pergamonmuseum . Checkpoint Charlie . Museum Island . Berlin Zoological Garden . Alexanderplatz . Großer Tiergarten . Jewish Museum Berlin . Kreuzberg . Haus der Kulturen der Welt . Friedrichstraße .

All : Reichstag Building . Brandenburg Gate . Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe . East Side Gallery . Berlin Cathedral . Pergamonmuseum . Berliner Fernsehturm . Checkpoint Charlie . Museum Island . Charlottenburg Palace . Berlin Zoological Garden . Berlin Wall Memorial . Gendarmenmarkt . Potsdamer Platz . Topography of Terror . Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church . Alexanderplatz . Victory Column . Neues Museum . Großer Tiergarten . German Historical . Mauerpark . Jewish Museum Berlin . German Museum of Technology . Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum . Treptower Park . Bode Museum . DDR Museum . Alte Nationalgalerie . Altes Museum . Bebelplatz . Markthalle Neun . KaDeWe - Kaufhaus des Westens . Gärten der Welt . Aquarium Berlin . Volkspark Friedrichshain . Viktoriapark . Spandau Citadel . Berlin Underworld . Gemäldegalerie . Berlin State Opera . Hamburger Bahnhof – Nationalgalerie der . Tränenpalast . Rotes Rathaus . Urban Nation . Cecilienhof . Kreuzberg . Haus der Kulturen der Welt . Friedrichstraße .

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